Dissolving Tank Agitators

Medium: Green Liquor
Shaft/Sleeve size: 3''
Packing Style: Chesterton 1400 & 1761
Previous Packing Style: Hornet
Cross Section: 5/8''
Condition: New Sleeve
Set Up: 1 x 1761x 4 x 1400 x 1 x 1761


Excessive leakage and the Packing Style that was being used had Kevlar corners, which caused unacceptable wear on the sleeves.


To reduce gland seal water, eliminate sleeve wear and to provide a Packing Set that would not require replacement between Boiler Surveys.

Installation Technique:

The Chesterton Technician installed style 1400 with 1761 end rings on the 20th of April 1995. The 1400, 1761 combination Packing set was installed on a new wear sleeve.The first ring of Packing installed was Chesterton Style 1761.This ring was located and firmly seated with the aid of a Chesterton Packing Tamping Tool. The following four rings were Chesterton Style 1400 and were firmly located in the same manner with the Packing ring joins being staggered at 90 degrees.

The gland follower was installed and the Packing Set was pulled up evenly until the gland nuts became very tight.

The Packing Set was then left in this position for fifteen minutes to die-form the packing set. Then the gland follower was removed.

The final ring of Chesterton 1761 was then installed and the gland follower refitted. The gland nuts were tightened to a full turn past finger tight.


The Dissolving Tank Agitators are removed every year to ensure reliability throughout their service life between Boiler Surveys. The Packing sets are replaced as well as other components such as Bearings.

The Chesterton combination Packing Set has reduced the Seal Water required dramatically, has almost completely reduced gland leakage and has provided the 12 months service required with ease.