Powerplant Floors

  • ARC CS2 applied to a new concrete slab at a power plant.
  • In total, 2000 m2 (21,500 ft.2) of floor area was coated with ARC CS2.
  • The area is subject mostly to foot traffic and occasional spills and leaks from pumps and other operating equipment.
  • ARC CS2 provides a high gloss, easy to clean and hardwearing surface ideal for this type of floor area.
  • ARC CS2 was applied in two coats at 375 microns (15 mils) per coat. A conventional epoxy paint was applied to a different area of the floor and failed after 3 months in service. ARC CS2 is perfect after 9 months.
  • The success of this application has led to many additional orders for ARC CS2.