Wicket Gate Glands


Medium:   River Water
Packing Style: Chesterton CMS 2000
Previous Packing Style: Flurograf
Cross Section: 5/8''
Condition: Very Worn Stuffing Boxes
Set Up:  1 x 1727x CMS 2000 x 1 x 1727
Installer: Docherty Associates Technician



Due to excessive leakage, regular adjustment was required. These glands were also repacked on a regular basis. Because of the location of the glands, they are difficult to adjust and even more difficult to repack. The insides of the stuffing boxes are badly marked and scored, they are very old. The river water can be very abrasive.


To eliminate excessive leakage and regular adjustment in a cost effective manner.

Installation Technique:

The Chesterton Technician installed style 1727 End Rings in each gland. Each of these first rings installed was firmly tamped home with the use of a Chesterton Tamping Tool. Following this, the CMS 2000 was installed by hand into each gland ensuring no voids were left. Once the gland appeared completely full, the gland follower was installed and pulled up very tight. The follower was then removed and more CMS 2000 was added. The follower was re-installed following the final end ring being added. The gland bolts were done up in a firm manner. In this application there is no concern with surface speed. Each gland was then injected via the injection ports that had previously been installed.


One Machine was completed at this Hydro Power Station. This equated to twenty glands. The leakage is barely a dribble.

Following close monitoring for a six-month period, the rest of the machines have now been converted to CMS 2000.CMS 2000 has eliminated the need to rebuild these glands, would have been very expensive, in particular, downtime for the machines.

CMS 2000 was also a less expensive option than conventional gland packing.
The first machine has now been running for over 2 years without constant adjustment or re-injection of CMS 2000 and the leakage has been almost nil!