Thermal Mechanical Pulp Plant Disc Filter


Equipment:   TMP Plant Disc Filter (740230 Disc Filter No 1)
Medium: Pulp



We were involved in refurbishment of the Disc Filters. They were retrofitted in the Kawerau Plant in New Zealand from Vancouver Island, Canada. The equipment was extremely worn. The gland follower had a welded bolt adjustment. When the welding was done the follower had pulled in with the heat. This created a problem installing the nominal packing size. The dimensions around the circumference of the cylinder varied considerably.

Installation Technique:

We first installed Chesterton Style 1727 Multi-Lon which required manipulation to install. The life was approximately 3 to 4 months. When the Packing was removed, it showed many signs of extrusion and was shredded.

After liaison with the TMP Plant Care Operators, Chesterton Style 1730 was installed (A Nomex Fibre packing) with better extrusion and abrasion resistance. It is also more mouldable which assisted with installation.


Chesterton 1730 has now been installed in all the TMP Plants Disc Filters and to date has more than doubled the life!