Water Wash Pumps


  HYDRO TITAN 830513 (PM3)
Medium: Wash Water
Shaft/Sleeve Size: 2 ½"
Packing Style: Chesterton CMS 2000
Previous Packing Style: Hornet
Cross Section:  9/16''
Condition: Sleeve was very badly worn
Set Up: 1 Ring of 1727 x CMS 2000 X 1 Ring of 1727
Installer: Docherty Associates Technician



Excessive leakage and the Packing Style that was being used had Kevlar corners, which had caused unacceptable wear on the sleeves. The sleeve was in need of replacement. The pump also had a gland follower that was impossible to pull up square. They could not do without the pump and did not have a replacement unit.


To keep the pump operating, with minimal leakage until a replacement could be installed.

Installation Technique:

The Chesterton Technician installed an end ring of style 1727. The end ring was tamped firmly to ensure it was seated squarely in the bottom of the gland. The CMS 2000 was then rolled up and installed by hand into the gland. Once the gland appeared full, the new Gland Follower was installed and pulled up tightly. This was to ensure no voids or gaps were left in the gland. The follower was removed and the gland was inspected to check that the CMS 2000 material had now formed into a homogenous block. A small amount of CMS 2000 was added and then the final end ring of Style 1727 was installed. It was noted that even where the final end ring was located, there was severe sleeve wear. The existing flush port was used to install a ¼" NPT fitting, suitable for an injection port for the CMS 2000 injection gun to be coupled to.

When the pump was started, it ran quite hot for about 30 minutes. In that time the leakage reduced to a very small dribble. After one hour the gland was re-injected with the pump running. After 3 hours the leakage was all but gone and the gland had cooled down.


The pump ran from the 13th of December 1996 with very little leakage and a cool gland until 30th of September 1998. The pump was then completely repacked with the CMS2000 using the same procedure on the 30th of September 1998 and is still performing well at the time of the last survey 12th of April 2000.