Hydro Titans Pump

Equipment: HYDRO TITAN 830514 (PM3)
Medium:   Water
Shaft/Sleeve Size:  2 ½"
Packing Style: Chesterton CMS 2000 (1727 End Rings)
Previous Packing Style: Hornet
Cross Section:  9/16''
Condition: Sleeve was replaced because of severe wear
Set Up: 1 Ring of 1727 x CMS 2000 X 1 Ring of 1727
Installer: Docherty Associates Technician

Installation Date:

4th August 1999



The mechanical seal that was fitted had failed and the customer decided to try CMS 2000 as a leak free alternative. There was obviously a considerable dollar saving as well.


To keep the pump operating, with little or no leakage for at least 12 months.

Installation Technique:

The Chesterton Technician installed an end ring of style 1727. The end ring was tamped firmly to ensure it was seated squarely in the bottom of the gland. The CMS 2000 was then rolled up and installed by hand into the gland. Once the gland appeared full, the Gland Follower was installed and pulled up tightly, this was to ensure no voids or gaps were left in the gland. The follower was removed and the gland was inspected to check that the CMS 2000 material had now formed into a homogenous block & that was the case. A small amount of CMS 2000 was added and then the final end ring of Style 1727 was installed.

The existing flush port was used to install a ¼" NPT fitting, suitable for an injection port for the CMS 2000 injection gun to be coupled to. The Hydro Titan pump was installed with CMS 2000 in the Paper Machine workshop on a scheduled shut day. The pump was then re-installed.


The pump has run from the 4th of August 1999 with no leakage and has not required adjustment or re-injection in this time.

This pump was last surveyed on the 16th of February 2000 (7 months to date) and was running 'leak free'.