Infeed Screws

Equipment: INFEED SCREW TMP 740283
Medium:   Stock
Shaft/Sleeve Size:  5 ¾"
Packing Style: Chesterton 1730
Previous Packing Style: Chesterton 1727
Cross Section: 5/8''
Condition: New Sleeve
Set Up: 2x 1730 x Doxeal Lantern Ring x 2
Installer: Docherty Associates Technician



The Chesterton 1727 required regular adjustment and run out of adjustment within a 3 to 4 month period.


To provide an adjustment free packing set that would increase the life between repacks with reduced leakage rates.

Installation Technique:

The Chesterton Technician installed style 1730 Mill Pack on the 10/10/99
The 1730 Packing set was installed on a new wear sleeve.The first ring.was located and firmly seated with the aid of a Chesterton Packing Tamping Tool.
This procedure was repeated with the 2nd ring.Then a Doxeal Lantern Ring was fitted, the bronze lantern ring had been cut off when the packing was removed.Two further rings of 1730 were then added. Then the Gland follower was then fitted.It entered the Gland approximately ¼". The flush line was reconnected and turned on.The gland bolts were adjusted to allow an acceptable amount of leakage.


The Infeed Screw has been running since that time, without being adjusted or repacked. The equipment is surveyed every three months and has not yet been scheduled for repacking.The leakage rate is very acceptable - date 15th of April 2000.