Hydraulics / Pneumatics

Docherty Associates are a Distributor of the World Class CHESTERTON® range of seals. Unique, high technology designs with Chesterton® Red Polymer material provide long, trouble-free service life...

CHESTERTON® Red Polymer Material


Lifetime Self Lubricating

CHESTERTON® Red Polymer with homogeneously mixed molydisulphide lubricant has a coefficient of friction lower than rubber, leather or non-lubricated conventional polymers. Any amount of wear on the Red Polymer only exposes more lubricated surface. Operating temperature is reduced, cylinder wear is minimised and seal life is extended.


High Performance, Heat-cured Red Polymer Resists Failure

Thermoset Red Polymer resists the three most common weaknesses of other sealing materials; compression setting, abrasion, and extrusion into equipment clearances. Service from -60ºF (-50ºC) to 185º (86ºC) on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and presses that utilise petroleum base oil, water water and oil, or glycol and water (<50% glycol). Alternate materials available for higher temperatures or aggressive fluids.

Non-Absorbent, Non-Shredding
CHESTERTON® Red Polymer is exceedingly tough. No need for reinforcing fabrics which absorb hydraulic fluid causing seals to swell, soften and extrude. Will not shred and clog valves and filters.

No Adjustments Needed

CHESTERTON® primary seals are self-adjusting in service. No gland adjustments ever needed.

Sharp, Tapered Lips reduce equipment damage due to abrasive system contaminants

CHESTERTON® seal lip design performs better in contaminated mediums, keeping abrasives away from moving parts and greatly reducing cylinder surface wear.

Reduces Slip-Stick, Smoothes Cycling

Low-friction, automatic sealing lips need no mechanical or elastomeric loading devices such as O-Rings or springs. Low breakaway forces result in free movement. Reduces chatter and speeds operation.

Low risk Installation

Tough but flexible Red Polymer has superior resistance to cutting and nicking damage at installation. This type of damage frequently causes other seal materials to fail.

Long Shelf-Life, No Ageing, No Hardening

CHESTERTON® Red Polymer has extended shelf-life, which your stock of seals won't become obsolete.

Docherty Associates Cylinder Upgrade Program Reduces Downtime


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