The research laboratories at ARC have adapted the technology of advanced reinforced composites to create engineered surfaces that consistently outperform all other material technologies. We access your factory requirements and utilise the the longest lasting composites for your environment.

We Rebuild Mechanical Seals

  • Our rebuild goal is to restore the seal to "original factory specification" or better.
  • We troubleshoot poor performance and upgrade, where required, the seal or system.

We Rebuild Industrial Pumps

  • Our goal is to make your pump perform and operate better.
  • We set a specification that is submitted for your approval before the overhaul begins.
  • Only the best sealing technology is used.
  • We focus on the two main areas of poor pump performance - the gland and the bearings. These two areas are responsible for 85% of all pump failures.

We Overhaul Valves

  • On-site overhaul and repack
  • Off-site overhaul and repack

Plant "Shuts" and "Turn-Arounds"

  • We coordinate.
  • We facilitate.
  • We supervise.
  • We develop and operate a QC and QA that best suits your particular needs.
  • We develop and operate Hazard ID and Safety Control.
  • We record all appropriate dimensional data that will allow a shorter downtime window with future shuts or turnarounds.
  • We take care of your packing inventory and reduce it to an absolute minimum.

Labour Hire

  • We hire, train and certify personnel for the specific tasks.
  • Our certification program ensures we bring only qualified and fully trained people onto your site.

Our Training Programs Include:

Pump Performance Improvement Program (P.P.I.P):
How to upgrade equipment to maximize equipment availability for production utilizing skills such as Root Cause Analysis.

  • Gland packing:
    Understanding and how to troubleshoot
  • Mechanical Seals:
    Environmental Controls
    Root Cause Analysis and Rebuild Specification
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Sealing:
    Understanding Sealing Theory
    Installation Techniques
    How to upgrade